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Discover our Cyber Insurance

Discover our
Cyber Insurance

The most complete protection against digital risks

The most
complete protection
digital risks

Total security for your business

LISA Seguros offers you the most complete solution to protect your business against digital risks and attacks: an insurance specially designed for companies, professionals and freelancers, complete and tailored to your needs. A product totally adjusted to the activity and size of your company.

You pay only for what you need.

What coverages does it offer?

Employee oversights and errors

Attacks by cybercriminals: phishing, spyware, malware, spam, ransomware, cyber extortion…

Crashes of proprietary systems and cloud systems

Claims by third parties for failure of our systems

Fraud and financial crime

Inadvertent non-compliance with data protection regulations

Would you like to know all the coverages?


Don’t take any risks! Protect your business and your customers: total security for less than 300€.

Get your Cyber Insurance in less than two minutes.

Why do you need Cyber Insurance?

More than half of Spanish companies were victims of at least one cyberattack in 2021.

Cyber incidents cost Spanish companies an average of more than €100,000 per year.

Facing sanctions for non-compliance with the GDPR entails high costs: don’t gamble!

You use email in your business: email is one of the main sources of risk.

Protect your electronic banking operations against identity theft, phishing and fraudulent data transfers.

Guarantees the integrity of your business and offers security in all your transactions with customers and suppliers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All professionals and SMEs, as well as large organizations, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Any company is susceptible to serious damage from fraudulent or malicious use of information, data stored in the company or professional office.

We can insure your clients’ claims for loss of privacy, malicious leakage of information or data by an employee, computer theft, identity theft, computer viruses, etc. that may jeopardize the activity and security of your company.

Cyber security threats are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to reduce exposure and mitigate potential losses.

We can also insure your company’s loss of profits caused by one of these incidents.

Just answer 4 questions about your business and your security measures and you can get your policy 100% online.

We are the only Insurtech that allows you to issue your policy 100% online. No complex questionnaires.

Incident response will help you classify problems, develop an action plan to contain the threat, as well as designate specialized vendors to assist you in loss prevention and business recovery.

Cyber incidents need to be handled by legal professionals who fully understand the laws that affect the events that occur in cyberspace. We have the best specialized law firms to give you safe answers.

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